RM auctioning rare Ferrari 330 P4 competition car at Leggenda

A few years ago, RM Auctions arranged a private sale at the Ferrari factory to help the Maranello firm clear out some of their various race cars, prototypes and other motoring effluvia that had begun to clutter up the cavallino campus. The sale was so successful (and fun) that the auction house decided to do it again. And again. For this year's Leggenda e Passione event, they just picked up a vehicle that might have several of us calling Alitalia to check airfares. In cooperation with Sotheby's, the company will be auctioning off an ULTRA-RARE AND HUGELY VALUABLE LE MANS PODIUM-FINISH FERRARI 330 P4! The caps are theirs, not ours, but the emotion behind it is shared. These things don't come up for sale very often and when they do, it usually takes quite a few digits to secure them.

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